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Perma-Soil H.B.M

the original soil stabiliser

Perma-Soil The Original Soil Stabiliser. Transform Spoil into usable backfill. The Ultimate in on-site recycling. Overhead poles, burst repairs, water meters and more.

Perma-Soil HBM provides the perfect solution to re-cycle trench arisings - Hydraulically Bound Materials (HBM) & Structural Material for Re-instatement (SMR).

Perma-Soil is ideal for a range of applications from installing fence and gate posts to installing overhead poles and water meters by turning spoil into useable backfill within minutes.

Perma-Soil is quick and easy to use as no special tools or complicated techniques are required, and it is extremely cost effective.

Perma-Soil is available in a range of weights
from handy 12.5kg bags to large one tonne sacks,
to find out more give us a call now on 01792 895906

A9 Approved!

Perma-Soil is A9 Approved

Approved under Apendix 9 of the SROH, New Roads and Streetworks Act 1991 as an Alternative Reinstatement Material.

A soil stabiliser that turns excavated spoil into usable backfill within minutes. It is ideal for use with small utility excavations, and when backfilling poles, water meters and tobies etc. Perma-Soil significantly reduces the need to haul away spoil or transport backfill to the jobsite.

  • A9 Approved
  • Quick and easy to use in-situ
  • Remains permeable to water
  • Can be re-excavated
  • Increases load bearing capability of excavated spoil
  • Meets requirements set out in the Utility WRAP Agreement
  • Meets SMF and SMR requirements of Appendix 9

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Used by countless utilities, Perma-Soil has proved ideal by transforming spoil into useable material on repairs to water leaks and burst pipes, water meter installation and the erecting of overhead poles.

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Perma-Soil is ideal for the gardener or DIY expert!

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